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Wise Up has exclusive didactic material, which contains everything a student needs in order to carry on an efficient contact with the English language. It consists of Stay There series that started being developed in 2008, during an Ometz Group Research and Development project at Columbia University, USA.


The Stay There series encompasses DVDs with 170 video classes in a television show format used by students for class preparation. The fun and modern material is based on US television hit shows. There are five different programs:



In order to help students pronouncing English words You Move material includes more than a thousand audio tracks presenting activities to be performed during class preparation and exercises to be solved at home.


The Stay There series consists of five books: purple, blue, red, orange and green. They are divided in chapters according to video classes. There are 170 different chapters, with class preparation, explanations about the English language, activities in the classroom, and home practice exercises.