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Learn Full-on Real, Full-on Digital English.

With Wise Up Online, you become an agent.
Learn English at your own pace, whenever you wish.


Only Wise Up Online
students learn like this:

Wise Up Online is fully digital, with an innovative method, different from
the other platforms. Access from wherever you wish with exclusive content.


Access the platform from any device;


Watch original
produced in
the United States;

Over 500 hours of content

Grammar and
vocabulary videos and
over 5,000 exercises;


Wise Up Online is fully digital, and you learn English applied to real-life situations according to the topic of your interest.

It offers you an exciting experience of cultural immersion, helping you think in English and making your learning a lot easier.


How to
learn with
Wise Up Online?

Wise Up Online is quite simple and
intuitive. You develop your English in three steps:

Learn from original documentaries that present
English in real-life situations.

Explore with grammar and vocabulary videos,
guides, and activities.

Practice with more than 5,000 follow-up


Wise Up Online contains different topics so that you can learn English by watching the language applied to real life. Check out the topics available right now:


Learn English while you take a tour of great cities where English is the native language. Get to know the tourist spots and follow a traveler, watching the language applied to real life.


Develop your English applied to the business world, getting qualified to take new opportunities and overcoming the barrier to your growth posed by the language.


Experience a cultural immersion and boost your learning, becoming more confident to speak English related to travel.

Who is Wise Up Online designed for?

The Wise Up Online method is suited for every level of proficiency, and it is recommended to those who wish to develop or improve their English. The fully-digital videos guide you to learn intuitively, assisting people who have never come into contact with the language and helping those who are in more advanced levels. And the best aspect of it all is that the content is available in English and Portuguese, to make your learning easier, or entirely in English so that you practice your listening skills.


Wise Up Online, English that
takes you further.